The Crew

Crewing for endurance cycling events is in many ways harder than riding them! Negotiating a sleep-deprived racer safely from start to finish, coping with adverse weather, mechanical issues and unforeseen events requires patience, dedication and a sense of humour. The crew will survive on little sleep, without creature comforts and living together in cramped conditions. I’m incredibly lucky to have the support a great crew for my first big test. Each crew member has a key role, but will be fulfilling secondary (and sometimes tertiary!) roles throughout the journey. Roles include driving, navigating, cooking for the crew, preparing nutrition for the racer, ensuring all kit and equipment is ready and working when and where needed.

RAAM teamClick photo to view larger image

Race Across America (RAAM) team

The RAAM team so far…

I’m very proud that all my RAW crew are crazy enough to stay with me for the final part of the journey. This was us at our team development day with Effective Challenge prior to RAW.

John Mews will be taking over as Crew Chief to allow Kyle to take on more of a “racer support” role.

We also have some exciting new members coming on board – more details to follow so watch this space!

RAW team
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Race Across the West (RAW) team

From left to right:

  • Peter Johns – Dad, navigator and route analysis
  • Zoe Lofthouse – Chiropractor and driver
  • Kyle BarkerHusband and Crew Chief
  • Me – Crazy cycling lady
  • John MewsDeputy Crew Chief and navigator
  • Daryl Barker – Mechanic and nutrition/hydration
  • Adey Fletcher – Driver, kit and social media
RAI TeamClick photo to view larger image

Race Across Ireland (RAI) team

From left to right:

  • Peter Johns – Dad, navigator and auxiliary crew
  • Adey Fletcher – Driver, navigator and kit
  • Heather Johns – Mum and auxiliary crew
  • John MewsDeputy Crew Chief
  • Me
  • Zoe Lofthouse – Chiropractor
  • Kyle Barker – Husband and Crew Chief
  • Adrian Lawson – Mechanic

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