Sports Testing – measuring the gains

An alternative way to spend a Saturday morning… Every 5 months I drive up to The Endurance Store outside Manchester for some sports science testing on a Wattbike. After the warm up (which is unpleasant enough), resistance is increased every minute until you fail to maintain 90rpm. Measuring the inspired and expired gases, it is able to show the point at which you switch from burning fat to burning carbohydrate (and produce lactic acid) as well as calculating your VO2max, and aerobic power:weight ratio. There’s then a cheeky 10s Max effort to work out your anaerobic p:wt as well. There is nothing pleasant about it and I dread it- I dread the pain and the thought that I might not hit my numbers.

Today was a good day…. Anaerobic power has increased meaning the available power for the legs is better. Aerobic power: weight is slightly down but that’s due to me being slightly heavier than before Ireland as I somehow managed to hit the same wattage. Given the month off after Ireland and no cycling-specific strength work, I’ll definitely take that! It shows that my training plan from Nick works and even a few weeks of Crossfit has produced some gains. Sets me up well for a winter of targeted training with my power meter and Crossfit. Bring it on!

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