Beginning with the end in mind….

I’m writing this lying on a floating pontoon in Annapolis City Dock, next to the little park which is the Finish Line for RAAM. It’s 2200 here, 0300 back home. Somewhere over the Labrador Sea on the flight to Baltimore I knew that coming here tonight was something I needed to do. It would have been easy just to get into my hotel room, shower and fall into bed before yet another early start to catch my flight to San Diego but with Annapolis so tantalisingly close, coming here was more important. I wanted to see the place I’ve seen in the films and photos, and to feel the water on my fingers. It’s Friday night and it’s buzzing here, a city proud of its naval heritage enjoying the warm summer evening by the docks, eating ice cream and drinking beer. It’s nice to be amongst it and yet just here with my own thoughts. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be back here with my crew and some great memories. For now I’m content just to lie here, soak it up and create something to visualise as I pedal my way through deserts and over mountains, an image that will pull me across the country from one ocean to another.

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