100 days to go…..

Today marks 100 days to the start of Race Across America 2017. A friend recently said to me “you’ll be getting nervous now” which amused me as it rather implies that if I’m not nervous already, I will be soon! My over-riding emotion, however, is one of excitement. I set out with the intention of this being an adventure; for me, my crew and for anyone following us (how often will you be tracking a small flag moving across Ireland or the USA, shouting at it when it stops and cheering when it is bouncing up and down on the finish line?!) If Race Across the West was anything to go by, RAAM is going to far exceed my expectations in every way.

Whilst there are 100 days to go, the adventure began the night I dared to utter aloud the words “I want to do Race Across America” and Kyle committed to helping me make that dream become a reality. My team and I have been on this journey for a long time and shared experiences along the way. I’m now inviting you to join me on this final 100 day stretch as I talk about all things RAAM. Each day I’ll cover a key aspect of the race or my preparation. You’ll meet my awesome Team, I’ll bring you up to speed with the challenge of RAAM itself – key stats, the route, highlights along the way. I’ll cover my training, kit, logistics and discuss some of the big challenges we face and how we are planning for them and attempting to mitigate them. I’ll reintroduce my Charities, bring you up to date with fundraising and remind you how you can donate. I’ll also talk about some of the mental side of things and how I personally have dealt with the challenge of training for something this big and how I’ve personally overcome some of the mental hurdles along the way.

As well as an adventure, the journey to RAAM has been and will continue to be incredible learning experience and I’m happy to share it warts and all in the hope that it will inspire and help others towards achieving their own goals. Similarly, anything we can do to raise the profile of RAAM itself, ultra cycling and above all women’s sport, is important. If you’ve got questions about any of it please ask and I’ll be happy to try and answer them. Above all, please follow us – the support we received on Facebook for Race Around Ireland and RAW was humbling and truly does make a difference. #thisisRAAM #100days

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